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The Cause: Cancer Care

This year we Rock for innovative cancer care

Cancer isn’t slowing down, and neither are we. You can help. You can rock.

Cancer. It’s a word no one ever wants to hear. And for good reason, as it is the second leading cause of death in the United States—and the first in Pierce County.

If you or a loved one has cancer, you want to be able to trust that you’re getting the best possible care.

This September, Rock the Foundation 2018 will bring some of the most generous members of our community together for one purpose: to help more people than ever access the most innovative and advanced cancer care, close to home.

The world of cancer care is evolving by the minute. In 1985, there were around 10 different ways to treat cancer patients.  Today, there are more than 100 recognized types of cancer and 200+ approved treatment options, with 15-30 more being approved every year.

These breakthroughs have been monumental, but the overwhelming abundance of new treatment options creates unprecedented complexities for physicians. Cancer care is among the most complex care to provide, requiring extraordinary coordination to treat it as quickly and efficiently as possible. In 2017 alone, MultiCare Regional Cancer Center cared for 9,368 oncology patients; care that required 125,000 patient encounters and involved more than 100 care providers.

Better, faster and more effective cancer treatment in the ever-changing world of cancer care is within our reach with an investment in information technology software programs that harness widespread data in health care. The software continuously curates the very best options in cancer care, including clinical trial options, from all around the country. 

Your support of innovative cancer care at Rock the Foundation ensures that our physicians and other care providers have all available treatment options at their fingertips, and that our patients can rest assured knowing they’re receiving the best care possible – without ever having to leave their community.

Let’s Rock the Foundation, together!